Through our partner firms and subsidiaries, we do provide a range of services under our Lot Plaisance banner. Our partners have broadened our brand and enabled us to reach a more comprehensive market cover. In a nutshell, some of the services we offer include consultation services, constructions, landscaping, have a law firm, gaming and casino, among others.

Every service on offer comes with it’s a catalogue of other services making it easy to provide more to other clients.

As a brand, Lot Plaisance is a household name with a presence in every sector. Through the able hands of our founder, we have spread our wings to other continents. Our founder’s commitment, excellent leadership and open-mindedness have led to our success. However, the journey hasn’t lacked its challenges. Entities, together with some businesses, have failed, leaving huge loses behind.

Most Sort after Lot Plaisance Services

Although we have several services available, Lot Plaisance was born out of our founder’s career leading to where it is now. As a lawyer, our founder has the luxury of mingling with different clients seeking justice for various reasons. While each came with their problem, for our founder, solving them opened his mind on the lack of services. As such, our law firm became the place to be for all cases whether deformation, criminal law, land issues, among others.

However, out of these cases, new business ventures come up, leading to a construction firm, landscaping, consulting firm and even gaming. After our law firm, our consulting firm has been the most profitable, followed by construction/landscaping with gaming closing the top five. 

However, to survive in the different sectors, we have had to team up, partner and collaborate with other firms. In a bid to provide more to our customers, each business venture comes with additional services.

For instance, our consultation arm has three leading services Tax, Assurance and Advisory. Under the latter section, we have professionals to help guide you in acquisition deals, integration of businesses into one among others. 

On the other hand, in the Assurance section, we come in to provide advice when it comes to accounting and regulations. Lastly, we as Lot Plaisance also have the capability of solving your tax compliance issues. We will come in and guide you on how to file your taxes correctly.

The above gives you the magnitude of the services you will get from Lot Plaisance. So in case you are into any issue, please give us a call.