Lot Plaisance Other Projects

As a technology-oriented firm, we have a unit in place to test and do research on emerging businesses and technology. As the leading firm, we have injected funds into research in the tech area. At the moment, our leading project is in the blockchain area.

As an emerging technology, the above has numerous benefits if we understand it. Blockchain technology is the next frontier in the technology world and will help unearth a high level of efficiency. Besides that, it’s also presenting stakeholders with an opportunity to reinvent different business models. 

However, apart from technology, we do also have economists as part of the research unit. They work around the clock checking on market trends and changes in the business environment. 

They are our backbone when it comes to learning a thing or two about the economy of different regions across the globe.

Save Businesses

With all these businesses, networks and funds, we do also run a different entity whose aim is to invest in bankrupt companies or new ideas. Regularly we do come to the aid of failing businesses by providing capital.

As their last line of help, we do our due diligence on the viability of the business before lending a hand. If your firm is worth saving, we may inject some capital via a loan, stake, or link the founder with someone who can help. 

Besides that, we also provide grants and mentorship to startups with good ideas but lack capital. However, all this wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have the backup of our partners. Our partners are the backbone and the drive behind our success. Some even step in to guide these startups to success. 

Furthermore, we have also teamed up with governments in Africa to offer small loans to SMEs. The latter are the vehicles for change in Africa. Through them, we give loans to small enterprises which lack capital. From us, they get loans at cheaper rates, build their enterprises while creating jobs. 

In Africa, small enterprises account for a vast number of jobs and providing capital is the way we can help. In return, the small entrepreneurs create jobs which spur up business activities in their countries. The latter then strengthen the economy, which benefits all citizens.

CSR Project

With a huge following behind our back, we have been at the forefront of campaigning for climate change. We have been able to urge different association to join us, and now through one voice we can adequately advocate for climate change. Through us, we get firms to put up water treatment sectors to treat their water discharge. 

Furthermore, we have led the fight against the reduction of gasses emissions to prevent global warming. Moreover, we are part of firms advocating for more plastic collecting centres and recycling factories. 

Through the above, we are part of the global forces fighting for our environment. We do also help organize various cleaning programs which pull together people in different areas. During the programs, people come together to help clean beaches, parks by picking waste, especially plastic bottles. The latter goes a long way in helping prevent plastics from choking up marine life.

Similarly, we also advocate for banning of the ivory trade to help save endangered species whose numbers have dropped over the years. The number one course of the latter is poaching, which is promoted by the availability of buyers.

 If there is no market, then poachers would lack a reason to kill rhinos, elephants among other animals. As such, we will help stop a global menace. 

Although our strength as Lot Plaisance is in the business sector, we are finding different ways of helping shape our future in different ways. Funds and grants help spur up suitable businesses environments which help grow the economy. However, being part of the fight to help take care of our environment is an excellent initiative.


If you want to join our global environmental forum, please feel free to contact us for information on joining. If our program isn’t available in your country, we will gladly link you to other such programs within your locality. 

Although as Lot Plaisance alongside our partners we are impacting change in a small way, working together with you would be great. Moreover, the impact will be felt anywhere across the globe and through one voice, we will be heard. Our strength as one will be more than one company working alone. Always remember taking care of our environment is our responsibility. Be ready and don’t shy off from joining us.