An entity with different businesses across the globe with each in place to solve any problem


about us.

Across the globe, there are different firms which deal with construction, law, consulting, landscaping, among others. In each of these firms, employees find pleasure in solving your problems, but for Lot Plaisance conglomerate, we are here to give more than services.

Our firm is an entity with different businesses across the globe with each in place to solve any problem. However, for us, we provide more in one roof. From casino bonus informatie charges with a one-off fee to long term contracts. We can link you to any of our partners or subsidiaries and get you the services you need (click here for an overview).

Furthermore, to ensure we serve you better and reach you from wherever you are, we have taken on technology. The advancement in technology has helped us reach a broader market at a much faster rate, but that’s not all. Through technology, we can monitor the level of services you get from us.


We have headquarters in each continent but also have branches in different regions for easy management. Through any of our offices, you will get the services you need. However, our main headquarters are in Europe.

Online Services

Apart from the above, we are also available online. We have an online footprint and are also active on social media platforms. We are active on Twitter, Facebook, and telegram. Through any of the above ways, you can reach our customer care representative.

Other Businesses

While all of the above focus on organizations and the management, as Lot Plaisance, we went a step further by providing corporate staffing services. We have a recruitment agency which links employers and employees from different pools of sectors.


For any of the above services, Lot Plaisance only charges you a small fee. We don't charge a lot so don't shy off from bringing business to us. For any services not available under our roof, we have different partners always ready to provide services missing.


Services We Offer

we do provide a range of services under our Lot Plaisance banner
Through our partner firms and subsidiaries, we do provide a range of services under our Lot Plaisance banner. Our partners have broadened our brand and enabled us to reach a more comprehensive market cover. In a nutshell, some of the services we offer include consultation services, constructions, landscaping, have a law firm, gaming and casino, among others. Every service on offer comes with it’s a catalogue of other services making it easy to provide more to other clients.
As a brand, Lot Plaisance is a household name with a presence in every sector. Through the able hands of our founder, we have spread our wings to other continents. Our founder’s commitment, excellent leadership and open-mindedness have led to our success. However, the journey hasn’t lacked its challenges. Entities, together with some businesses, have failed, leaving huge loses behind.

Lot Plaisance

New Lines of Businesses
Apart from consultation and construction, as Lot Plaisance, we are proud to announce our venture in the gaming scene. As one of the promising industries at the moment, Lot Plaisance has seen its potential and now is part of the stakeholders. Before going full-blown in the gaming industry, we had some stake in a gaming firm.
Lot Plaisance‚Äč


Lot Plaisance Other Projects
Save Businesses

With all these businesses, networks and funds, we do also run a different entity whose aim is to invest in bankrupt companies or new ideas. Regularly we do come to the aid of failing businesses by providing capital.

CSR Project

With a huge following behind our back, we have been at the forefront of campaigning for climate change. We have been able to urge different association to join us, and now through one voice we can adequately advocate for climate change.


Contact Options

If you would to reach us, you can do so via phone, email, chat feature or via any of our social media handles. Our phone numbers are toll-free and available right on our website. Moreover, under the contact us page, you will find our email and a direct link to our chat feature. We are available 8 hours daily six days a week feel free to reach us any time. Besides individuals or firms seeking our services, if you would love to be part of Lot Plaisance, you are more than welcomed. We are always in search of liked minded partners who would love to work with us as we strive to reach every market. ‚Äč

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